Welcome to my Bronze Casting Workshop!

I use the lost wax Lost wax or investment casting is an ancient method of making a metal object from an original form shaped in wax. The wax model is put into a steel flask and encased with a silica plaster, also called investment. The flask is then heated in a kiln to melt and vaporize the wax, leaving a void in the shape of the model. Molten bronze is poured into the flask and fills the void, thus creating an exact replica of the model in metal. method to cast bronze sculptures of western art and mythical characters. My sculptures are up to 30 centimetres tall and weigh up to five kilograms or more. Each work is individually cast and assembled. Every casting I create embodies a human or scientific element that is innovative and beautiful.
Stagecoach on Rosewood
1890's Mining Sculpture
Rustic Dance
Alberta Craft Collaboration