2020 Planned Castings


It is my plan to cast the following works in 2020.

These plans are subject to change. New ideas and things of interest can arise.

Sometime in 2020

Snow White

Snow White

I have had this bust in mind since 2015.

It will take a slightly different process to create the moulds for this piece.

Serpent on Amethyst

Serpent on Amethyst

I have had this serpent sculpture in hand for many years and have thought to cast it in bronze.

When I acquired this wonderful piece of amethyst the perfect solution was to show the serpent coming out of the stone.

Dragon Skeleton

Dragon Skeleton

At one time I cast a Pirate Bird skeleton in bronze.

This time, I think a skeleton of a dragon would look cool.

Bronze Age Amazon

The Bronze Age

I have this wonderful piece of amethyst geode that seems perfect for a cave type scenario.

I am thinking of this as a prehistoric bronze age type scene.

Completed – March 2020