This category is for website postings and other miscellaneous posts that are generally unrelated to my bronze casting activities.


2019 Planned Castings


It is my plan to cast the following works in 2019. The works noted for Spring 2019 should be available for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo at the end of March, 2019. The Fall works should be available for the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo in September, 2019. Spring 2019 Fall 2019

Pouring Bronze

Furnace Repaired


My furnace was returned to me on May 17, all repaired. I’ve since fired it up and I am back casting bronze again. I’m currently making Wonder Woman for a customer who purchased this as a pre-order during the Calgary Expo. I am also casting two new treasure chests and a new pirate wench. Both […]


Onyx and Agate


I have obtained a slab of some amazing honey onyx stone for my bronze casting bases.  I have also obtained a few cuttings of translucent onyx. Onyx is considered a semi-precious gemstone. It can be carved and polished and used in jewellery.  To have a slab of beautiful honey coloured onyx is very special. Not […]

Pouring Bronze

Furnace Woes


My furnace failed a few days ago. I’m sad. I was heating up the furnace to melt some white bronze for a Wonder Woman casting and although it reached at least 930 C (the goal was 1020 C), when I checked it five or ten minutes later, it was down to around 750 C and […]


Artist Statement


Language is a fundamental aspect of human behaviour. It is one way by which we communicate ideas and information and truth. We do this with statements or propositions that we assert to be true or false. My art investigates how context in our communication affects truth, or more specifically proposition truth for contextual reasoning. I […]

Edmonton Expo

Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo


It was a very successful event in Edmonton September 22-24, 2017! I was very pleased to be able to participate and I would like to thank the event coordinators and everyone who came to my booth. I received many wonderful compliments and want to thank all who purchased my work. I took a few photographs […]

Business Card



Welcome to my Bronze Casting Workshop! I cast and assemble solid bronze sculptures of cute (kawaii) fantasy or superhero or anime figurines.  My castings are all hot cast using the lost wax Lost wax or investment casting is an ancient method of making a metal object from an original form shaped in wax. The wax […]


A Modern Website in 2017


Happy New Year! I thought it time to update my Bronze Treasures website as the old style was, well, old. So, I have changed the theme styling to something that is a bit more modern. You can always let me know if you like this better? I also didn’t think my site was being indexed […]