William Miles was born in Vancouver, B.C.

He studied the violin as a child and discovered his adult passion in mathematics and computer science. Music, mathematics, and logic all relate to the foundation of his artistic development.

As a computer scientist and large system consultant William lived and worked in Canada and the United States. He supplied information systems services for government and airline and resource corporations. He also taught Computer Science for the University of New Brunswick, DeVry, and Weber State University.

Throughout this time William played the violoncello for the St. Anthony Civic Orchestra, North York Concert Orchestra, and the Fredericton Chamber Players.

When he settled in Calgary he took a management position with the Alberta College of Art and Design. At this time he realized that he could easily create solid bronze sculptures of fairies, cannons, and other fictional things that captured his sense of the impossible. He also realized that his abstract sense of music and mathematics could be captured in metal and thus leave a more permanent legacy to his work.

He retired from his professional computer science career in 2015. He now uses the lost wax method to cast desktop size bronze sculptures in the western heritage and fantasy genres. His sculptures are designed to provoke and stimulate thought. Each sculpture is personally cast and assembled in his home workshop.

William’s sculptures have matured from early subjects into more complex forms that include geometric structure, history, reflection, and mathematical similarities. He is a computational scientist and an emerging artist.

His work has been acquired by collectors in Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Scandinavia, and the United States.