Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon 2

I have completed making the silicone rubber moulds for Sailor Moon. I have also cast the parts so that I can begin assembly. Frankly, I was surprised at the amount of silicone rubber that was required. The total weight of the silicone rubber was 2610 grams. Some of the parts like the moon and pigtails […]

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon 1

I am starting a new a new bronze casting. What could be better than a cast of Sailor Moon? It was Sailor Moon that first introduced me to resin models of anime characters almost 20 years ago, and this led to my passion to cast these kits in bronze. Although the figure looks to be […]

Treecko (Pokémon)

Pokémon Treecko and Torchic

I cast some little Pokémon Treecko and Torchic figurines as small little baubles. I am not quite sure what you would do with them, but they were easy to make. I wonder if they could be hung from the Christmas tree as ornaments? They are not very big. They stand about 5 cm tall and […]

Dead Pirate's Chest

Pirates – Complete

I finished my pirate work. This is mostly in preparation for my upcoming show at Calgary Expo 2017. I decided to mount all my pirate bronze on a custom granite base. I decided to call this work “Dead Pirate’s Chest”.


Captcha for WooCommerce

“Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. I have developed a free WordPress plugin to implement captcha for WooCommerce forms for websites that use Captcha by BestWebSoft. This is a WooCommerce site and I wanted to use Captcha by BestWebSoft to thwart automated bots that attempt to register and use WooCommerce […]

Miku on Whale

Miku with Whale – Complete

Miku on her killer whale swimming toy is finished. 🙂 I cut and polished an octagonal granite base for this figure. Due to her size I soldered a solid brass 1/4 inch rod into the whale for mounting the figure. In total she weighs 1.42 kilograms in bronze. The complete weight on granite is 2.623 […]

Miku on Whale

Miku with Whale 3

Miku can now ride on her toy whale. I have cast Miku’s whale in white bronze. This alloy looks like silver and I can use this to have a silvery white bottom on the whale. The top half of the whale will be coated with a black enamel when I do the final finish for […]