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My blog postings usually describe my Work in Progress activities, but I will occassionally post interesting event activities or computer science items related to my website.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman in Bronze


Last April at the 2017 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, someone asked if I could do a statue of Wonder Woman in bronze. In June of 2017 I found a kit for such a statue, but unfortunately it was out of production. I have just received word that I should be able to source this […]

Pirate Wench

Pirate Wench 3


I have essentially finished my pirate wench. I first thought to mount the piece on a light colour granite base as shown below, but on reflection I changed to a dark base. I also picked up some iron pyrite at the local gem and rock show. When sparkling, this will help enhance the piece. I […]

Pirate Wench

Pirate Wench 2


Well, I have the pirate wench all together. This stage, which is the soldering and fitting and cutting, is perhaps the most tedious and possibly the most dangerous work. I work with torches and hot metal and grinding devices and sometimes it is hard to get pieces to fit together properly. After casting I clean […]

pirate wench

Pirate Wench 1


Folks, I am casting a pirate wench. It’s not on my to-do list for 2018, but I had to cast another pirate chest. I have studio time scheduled in November with Shona Rae, the metal smith and jewellery artist who first showed me how to cast metal. I want to learn new things and I […]

Supergirl on Amethyst

Supergirl on Amethyst


In the month of September, 2017, I finished another Supergirl casting. My last Supergirl and Streaky work had been sold in April at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and I wanted another Supergirl casting ready for the Edmonton Expo in September. I began casting this Supergirl in August, 2017. I had a few issues […]

Edmonton Expo

Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo


It was a very successful event in Edmonton September 22-24, 2017! I was very pleased to be able to participate and I would like to thank the event coordinators and everyone who came to my booth. I received many wonderful compliments and want to thank all who purchased my work. I took a few photographs […]

Fairy on Twig

2018 Planned Castings


It is my plan to cast the following works in 2018. The works noted for Spring 2018 should be available for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo at the end of March, 2018. The Fall works should be available for the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo in September, 2018. Spring 2018 Fall 2018


Award Statue


People sometimes give out awards so I wanted to make an award statue similar to those given out at the Oscars or Genies or other shows. My logo image on my business card is a nice abstract figure. To turn my logo into an award statue I had to first turn it into a 3D […]