Cello 1


It’s been some time since I have posted a new work-in-progress blog entry.

I was waiting for delivery of additional silicon bronze to complete my Baphomet sculpture and while waiting I completed a new Serpent sculpture and a new Mining Cart sculpture. I am now casting two new music sculptures, the first of which is a cello.

The silicone rubber moulds are now complete for the cello. I am making two cellos and the first was put together in two halves.

When I heated this cello to seal the front and back I melted the fingerboard. When grinding the melted area to clean it up I managed to grind the top off the bridge. This was not my day. To correct this I needed to cast new parts, so I cast a second cello.

This time I assembled the cello in wax. It was cast as one part as was the complete neck and fingerboard.

The remaining work is to clean and polish the instrument and stand.