Artist Statement


I cast bronze sculptures of fantasy art and western art.

Fantasy ideas offer the freedom to explore different physical concepts that are outside normal life experience. Western art allows me to make a few pieces for local cultural avenues of expression.

I like to set my sculptures in situations that can be interpreted in different contexts. I believe context affects truth. I see mathematical truth but others can see truth differently.

Many of my sculptures are designed to be touched and used. Tactile senses provide a secondary context to my artistic vision. My ability to include light, sound, and touch in my work adds a unique and recognizable expression to my craft.

Art can visually show abstract, incomplete, and frequently ambiguous statements of a situation. I like to apply structure and mechanics to my forms to show paradox and contradiction.

I would like viewers of my work to engage in discourse and discussion on the various contexts they see that lead to possible meanings in my sculpture.

Furthermore, the medium is the message[1]. Bronze is a warm metal that is substantive and durable. Whatever truth is deduced or inferred from my bronze art can last a very long time.

1: McLuhan, Marshall, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man , 1964

Julia Set

Fractal Art created by William Miles