Artist Statement


Language is a fundamental aspect of human behaviour. It is one way by which we communicate ideas and information and truth. We do this with statements or propositions that we assert to be true or false.

My art investigates how context in our communication affects truth, or more specifically proposition truth for contextual reasoning. I do this by placing bronze cast figurines in situations that illustrate contextual conflict.

Art can visually show abstract, incomplete, and frequently ambiguous statements of a situation. I use the situation as a way to propose valid contextual reasoning paths that lead to different conclusions. Art can be said to be inductive and this leads to a different type of proof from deductive reasoning.

I would like viewers of my work to engage in discourse and discussion on the various possible observed meanings that they see.

Furthermore, the medium is the message[1]. Bronze is a warm metal that is substantive and durable. Whatever truth is deduced or inferred from my bronze art can last a very long time.

1: McLuhan, Marshall, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man , 1964

Julia Set

Fractal Art created by William Miles