Faerie on Twig 2


I have now cast all the parts, except for the wings, for my faerie and the twig.

The faerie was cast in ancient bronze as this has a nice red coloring to the metal. I cast her shoes and collar in white bronze as accent pieces. The twig and leaves were cast in silicon bronze which takes a patina and will darken nicely. Her hair and the fruits will be cast in a yellow brass. I cast the snail and her sword in a white bronze.

Unfortunately, my first casting of the twig failed. The twig is about 5.5 inches long and a half inch in diameter and it just fit in my large 4×7 inch flask. However, when I put vacuum on the hot flask the investment blew out. I was aware that this might happen. With the vacuum on there was about 15 pounds of air pressure in the tube of the twig. This pressed down on the investment covering the bottom of the twig and blew it out of the flask.

When I recast the twig I cut it in half. This solved the problem, but I now have to solder the twig together.

The next stage is soldering and assembly. I will have more pictures in another week or two.