Work In Progress

This category shows how I cast bronze figurines, bronze sculptures, and other bronze curios. These are my Work-In-Progress postings.

Mandelbrot Cube Model

Ornament & Crime


The Alberta Craft Council has a Call for Entry open at the moment, closing on February 6, 2023, celebrating the adorned, decorated, patterned and ornamented excess. Ornament and Crime is an essay written in 1908 by Adolf Loos, an Austrian architect active in the early 1900’s in Vienna. According to the text in the Call […]

Stampede 2023 New Work


I am making new Western sculptures for the Calgary Stampede Art Gallery in 2023. As I had some success showing my sculptures at the Calgary Stampede last year, I am creating new work for this year. My application is due at the end of January, 2023. I intend to submit my Canadian Moose sculpture, my […]


Art Market New Work


Over the last few months I have been creating new sculptures for my upcoming Art Market show at the Telus Convention Centre November 17-20, 2022. My work has transitioned to larger and more complex sculpture. Two of my new sculptures are based on dolphins and the other two are based on a cast of Lilith, […]

Art Market Logo

Art Market 2022


I will be at Calgary’s premier art and craft sale, Art Market in the Telus Convention Centre, November 17-20, 2022. This craft sale provides four days of amazing shopping with some of the best art and craft that Canada has to offer. Two of my most significant bronze castings, never before seen, will be on […]


Baphomet 3


I am now finishing the base to my Baphomet sculpture. With Covid-19 my shipping costs have increased and it has taken some time to order and receive the bronze casting grain and brazing solder that I required for this stage of the work. The wax models were much too big to cast as a whole […]


Cello 1


It’s been some time since I have posted a new work-in-progress blog entry. I was waiting for delivery of additional silicon bronze to complete my Baphomet sculpture and while waiting I completed a new Serpent sculpture and a new Mining Cart sculpture. I am now casting two new music sculptures, the first of which is […]


Baphomet 2


Baphomet is a devil type god once worshiped by the Knights Templar. He is a bit scary. The god is a winged human figure with the head and feet of a goat. In the picture below I am attaching one part of his tail to his body. The pine cones are not related. I also […]


Baphomet 1


I have been remiss in posting new work. This WIP for Baphomet is lengthy as it encompasses about 6 months of work. In March 2021 I began to cast another PKKing sculpture “Baphomet” that I purchased in 2012. This is the second PKKing sculpture that I will cast in bronze. This work is much larger […]

Faerie on Twig

Faerie on Twig 7


I decided to build one more “Faerie on Twig”. I think this sculpture is somewhat unique. I had previously cast an organic twig as the post for this sculpture and I had thought to mount this faerie on another amethyst like my last edition of this work. However, my last two sculptures were mounted on […]

Yan Wu

Yan Wu 5


The sculpture is now mostly complete. I still need to attach a few decorations to the figures and properly clean the work and apply a patina to the bronze. I plan to use liver of sulphur, ferric nitrate, and cupric nitrate chemicals to apply various browns, blacks, red, and green colours to the main piece. […]