Yan Wu 5


The sculpture is now mostly complete.

I still need to attach a few decorations to the figures and properly clean the work and apply a patina to the bronze. I plan to use liver of sulphur, ferric nitrate, and cupric nitrate chemicals to apply various browns, blacks, red, and green colours to the main piece. The two girls will not have a patina but rather be polished to maintain their natural bronze and brass colourization.

The following pictures show the sculpture as it is being staged and put together. Yan Wu’s hands needed to be set and his ribbon threads completed.

The sword was cast in white bronze in two pieces. When it was assembled I gold plated the scroll work on the sword. I also plan to set the piece on a 2 inch thick walnut base.

At this time the piece is secured to the walnut base with two threaded 1/4 inch diameter by 2 inch long bolts. The next posting will show the finishing work and patina.