Yan Wu 4


Some of the remaining ribbon parts that attach to the base have been cast.

After about 6 months of contemplation I have finally decided to cast the base of this sculpture in bronze.

I made urethane rubber moulds of the clear resin parts so as to replicate them in wax. Everything except for the large main support could be fabricated as two-part moulds as shown in the previous post.

The large main part had to be moulded with a brush-on urethane rubber. I used modelling clay to build up the base so as to create a two part mould for the signature tips.

The wax part is too big to cast as one piece. The wax must be cut and hollowed to fit into my large 5×7 flask.

Two large castings were required. This metal melted for the large base casting was 1.3 kg of bronze. The second casting for the remaining parts required 1.25 kg and 400 grams in two flasks.

This completes the casting for Yan Wu. The next post will show the assembly of the sculpture.