Mad Science

As a computer scientist I have always been interested in how technology is often akin to magic. This archive shows my technology postings for interesting computer science and mathematics problems.


Kisekae Sets


For historical reasons, my personal library of approximately 500 KiSS sets collected from 1998 to 2006 is now available for use with my Kisekae viewer UltraKiss. To access these sets download and install my UltraKiss viewer. Use the UltraKiss Portal tool to access these sets. Note that these historical sets, as they are my personal […]




In 2002 I developed a computer program that implements the Kisekae Set system, KiSS, a Japanese graphics system originally developed to facilitate costume changes on virtual dolls. February 29, 2024. Kisekae UltraKiss has been updated to Version 3.7.1. UltraKiss 3.7 improved memory management and support the Scarecrow game sets. UltraKiss is a full replacement for […]


Captcha for WooCommerce


“Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. I have developed a free WordPress plugin to implement Captcha for WooCommerce forms. This interface operates on WooCommerce login, registration, checkout payment and password reset forms. This plugin will link to your existing Captcha by BestWebsoft version if you have it installed and activated. […]


2D Vortex Dynamics


I had to try this … Mouse scroll to zoom the object. Click and drag to rotate the object. Double-click to show/hide the animation controls. Ref. Evgeny Demidov


Following Eyes


Are you being watched? In the 1980’s (1984 to be more precise), the idea came about to develop a platform-independent graphics system or windowing system. On the open source Unix platform this became the X window system. Release 11 of X (X11) was in 1987. The X toolkit contained a demonstrative program ‘xeyes’ – a […]


Slot Machine Fireworks


In 2013 I built a slot machine[3] for my website using photographs of my resin models. At that time using jQuery and HTML5 for animating events was the modern way. When considering communication events for a winning prize I thought of a fireworks display. The physics for particle movement in three dimensional space are beyond […]

Mandelbrot Set

Fractal Image Explorer


Although not related to my Bronze Art, one of the curiosities that I have developed is my artistic Fractal Image Explorer program. This is used to create wonderful images of mathematical fractal functions. Fractals are functions such that whenever you look deeper into a section of the curve you see repetitions and self-similarities to what […]

mad scientist

Mad Scientist Folly


I haven’t been productive lately. My 12 year old old 486 DX2 Pentium computer started to fail a month ago and I bought a new HP Core-i7 slimline desktop to replace it. As this computer is my Linux machine I upgraded my software to the openSUSE Leap 42.1 distribution and implemented my dual Sony monitors.  […]

Hatsune Miku



I like to play with molten metal and cast bronze anime figures in my workshop. Unfortunately, I have not yet figured out how to make my creations come alive. So, in the interim we can look at cute dancing animated figures. Vocaloids are created with innovative Miku Miku Dance software that was developed in Japan […]