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Miku on Whale

Miku with Whale – Complete


Miku on her killer whale swimming toy is finished. 🙂 I cut and polished an octagonal granite base for this figure. Due to her size I soldered a solid brass 1/4 inch rod into the whale for mounting the figure. In total she weighs 1.42 kilograms in bronze. The complete weight on granite is 2.623 […]

Miku on Whale

Miku with Whale 3


Miku can now ride on her toy whale. I have cast Miku’s whale in white bronze. This alloy looks like silver and I can use this to have a silvery white bottom on the whale. The top half of the whale will be coated with a black enamel when I do the final finish for […]

Assembled Bronze Miku

Miku with Whale 2


Miku is now in bronze. I have completed the casting and assembly of Miku. She is not yet polished or completely finished but I am pleased to have her all put together. Soldering or brazing heavy pieces of metal is always a challenge. The metal needs to get red hot; hot enough for the solder […]

Miku with Whale

Miku with Whale 1


I’m casting Hatsune Miku in her swimsuit riding on a toy killer whale. People will recognize this figure and this will hopefully generate some interest and conversation. This is a one-of-a-kind sculpture that I am looking forward to showcasing at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. On the other hand, this figurine going to be […]

Hatsune Miku



I like to play with molten metal and cast bronze anime figures in my workshop. Unfortunately, I have not yet figured out how to make my creations come alive. So, in the interim we can look at cute dancing animated figures. Vocaloids are created with innovative Miku Miku Dance software that was developed in Japan […]