Miku with Whale – Complete


Miku on her killer whale swimming toy is finished. 🙂

I cut and polished an octagonal granite base for this figure. Due to her size I soldered a solid brass 1/4 inch rod into the whale for mounting the figure. In total she weighs 1.42 kilograms in bronze. The complete weight on granite is 2.623 kilograms.

At this time I don’t plan to solder Miku to her whale. Rather, she can sit independently on the whale. This will let me give her to others to touch and feel.

I masked the whale to spray the cold enamel on the top.

I have put some green enamel on Miku’s swimsuit. I sprayed a clear lacquer over the work to minimize oxidation over time. This is what she looks like completely finished and polished. I have chosen not to color her signature pigtails because the yellow brass casting is near flawless. I like the way they look as natural metal.