Mad Scientist Folly


I haven’t been productive lately.

My 12 year old old 486 DX2 Pentium computer started to fail a month ago and I bought a new HP Core-i7 slimline desktop to replace it. As this computer is my Linux machine I upgraded my software to the openSUSE Leap 42.1 distribution and implemented my dual Sony monitors.  I’m now in the big leagues with two screens!

To make a long story short, with a new system I took the opportunity to use the Inkscape vector graphics software to make myself a Mad Scientist sign for the door to my workshop. I’ve always wanted one.

It’s being printed now on plastic and it should arrive in a week or so.


mad scientist


Regarding my work in progress, I actually have cast and assembled a new Violin Girl and completed a copy of Alice in Wonderland that was partly assembled.  I have also cast another Bikini Girl that is being assembled right now.  All of these need to be cleaned and polished and mounted.




That’s it for now.  Expect more news in a bit, as I think I am actually getting back to assembling body parts.  Oh, being mad, you might like to see my little oxyacetylene and larger acetylene-air torches that I use to do other things with, like heat metal to red hot temperatures and such.

Acetylene Torches