Panzer Girls 1


I wanted to cast some small items that I thought might be useful for display at the Calgary Otafest in July, 2016.

I put together some silicon moulds for models of Girls und Panzer. This set has 5 of the tank students sitting on top of the turret area for a Panzer tank. These figures are 1/35 in scale and are quite small. I intend to cold enamel their uniforms in white and green so they will show some color.

The tank turret is cast in a yellow brass so as to distinguish the metal from the figures.  All of this still needs to be cleaned and polished and finished.

I am making two of these. However, when I cast the second set of figures I didn’t correctly calculate the volume of metal that was required so I was short. I have to redo the cast.


Panzer Girls

Panzer Girls