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Girls und Panzer

Panzer Girls 3


As I gave away my first copy of my Girls und Panzer casting, I had to make another of these tank turret models. The 1:35 scale figures are soldered to the tank with low temperature silver bearing solder which is a tin solder. It’s not the strongest, but I would likely melt the figures if […]

Girls und Panzer

Panzer Girls 2


I did a little more work on my Girls und Panzer model. I used a liver of sulfur patina to darken the tank turret and I soldered the girls onto the tank using a low temperature silver bearing solder. I colored the girl’s uniforms on one set with Ceramitation cold enamel. The other I left […]

Girls und Panzer

Panzer Girls 1


I wanted to cast some small items that I thought might be useful for display at the Calgary Otafest in July, 2016. I put together some silicon moulds for models of Girls und Panzer. This set has 5 of the tank students sitting on top of the turret area for a Panzer tank. These figures […]