Panzer Girls 2


I did a little more work on my Girls und Panzer model. I used a liver of sulfur patina to darken the tank turret and I soldered the girls onto the tank using a low temperature silver bearing solder.

I colored the girl’s uniforms on one set with Ceramitation cold enamel. The other I left as natural metal.

Both tanks were cast fully assembled with Everdure, a silicon bronze. One set of 1:35 scale figures were cast in ancient bronze and the other was cast in yellow brass. The ancient bronze figures were enamelled because the bronze was darker with red overtones and the color didn’t pop when set on the dark tank. The yellow brass figures were shiny and yellow and contrasted nicely with the dark patina.

Personally, I prefer the uncolored version. Which do you like?

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Girls und Panzer

These are the individual tanks.

Girls und Panzer

Girls und Panzer – Enamelled