Kisekae Sets


For historical reasons, my personal library of approximately 500 KiSS sets collected from 1998 to 2006 is now available for use with my Kisekae viewer UltraKiss.

To access these sets download and install my UltraKiss viewer. Use the UltraKiss Portal tool to access these sets.

Note that these historical sets, as they are my personal library, are only accessible using UltraKiss. They are not available for direct download from this website.

UltraKiss Portal

Alternatively, if you have Java Web Start installed on your system and enable security permissions to run self-signed applications from this website in your browser, you might also be able to run UltraKiss and view these sets directly within your web browser.

My library contains artwork from many different artists. Many of these sets were used to test and qualify proper performance of UltraKiss. Examples from a few KiSS sets are shown below.