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Captcha for WooCommerce


“Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. I have developed a free WordPress plugin to implement Captcha for WooCommerce forms. This interface operates on WooCommerce login, registration, checkout payment and password reset forms. This plugin will link to your existing Captcha by BestWebsoft version if you have it installed and activated. […]

Business Card



Welcome to my Bronze Casting Workshop! I cast and assemble solid bronze sculptures of cute (kawaii) fantasy or superhero or anime figurines.  My castings are all hot cast using the lost wax Lost wax or investment casting is an ancient method of making a metal object from an original form shaped in wax. The wax […]


A Modern Website in 2017


Happy New Year! I thought it time to update my Bronze Treasures website as the old style was, well, old. So, I have changed the theme styling to something that is a bit more modern. You can always let me know if you like this better? I also didn’t think my site was being indexed […]

Alice in Pyjamas

Casting Poll


Folks, as you know I cast solid bronze figurines of cute characters.  I have choices as to what should be done next.  So, I put a little poll or survey on my website that shows  four options on my pending work list over this winter.  If you have a moment, can you pop by and […]

Girl with Bicycle

Workshop Gallery


This post is a slide show of some of my workshop pictures. It’s always interesting to see how someone makes things.  I hope you enjoy these photographs of some of my bronze castings in my workshop.


Facebook Connection 3


I’m still experimenting with auto posing to Facebook from my website. This is a test post to see if this AccessPress application plugin works? I terminated my Jetpack connection for performance reasons due to wp-cron behaviour.


Facebook Connection 2


So, this is yet another update. As best as I can tell, the post update did not appear on Facebook. It makes sense, particularly since the documentation states: “Publicize only works for brand new posts that have never been published before. You cannot re-publicize something once it has already been published.” —————— This is an […]

Pirate Wench

Revised Website Name


Folks, I changed my website name to Bronze Treasures. This is so that I can remain consistent with my new Etsy shop name that I will soon set up. Besides, I’m making more than just figures, now. Keep posted for some Work-In-Progress updates for my bronze Super Cat, a new bronze ring in white and […]