Facebook Connection 2


So, this is yet another update. As best as I can tell, the post update did not appear on Facebook. It makes sense, particularly since the documentation states: “Publicize only works for brand new posts that have never been published before. You cannot re-publicize something once it has already been published.”


This is an update to this posting. The original attempt to publish this posting didn’t appear on Facebook (rather, an old Super Cat post showed up). I want to see if this Jetpack plugin forwards updates to posts to Facebook as well as the original publish event.


Folks, I’m trying to become more social. I’m trying the WordPress Jetpack plugin to connect my Bronze Art website to Facebook, and now Google+ and LinkedIn.

If new friends on LinkedIn and Google+ now see this, Hooray! Welcome to my bronze casting mad scientist type of retirement activities.

So, this is sort of a test. One never knows what might happen?

mad scientist