Supergirl 1


I have been working on Supergirl for some time. This is my first WIP for her, although I did post a previous Work-In-Progress for casting her cape.

Supergirl has turned out to be a time consuming and perhaps expensive figure to cast. It took almost 4.5 kg of silicone rubber for her moulds. She will weigh just over 1 kg when fully assembled.

Her costume is not quite the same as that shown on the current television series, although it is not a costume that she hasn’t worn before. This costume with the bare midriff and blue skirt was shown in the early 2000’s.

The following pictures show some of my wax patterns and initial castings. I am actually making two versions of Supergirl. One has a yellow brass cape and boots. The other has a white bronze cape and boots, as well as white bronze for her costume skirt and top.

A new post will show this Supergirl when I apply color to her cape, boots, and costume with cold enamel.

Supergirl Wax Patterns

Supergirl Silicone Rubber Moulds

Supergirl Casting

Supergirl Dry Fit

Supergirl Soldering

Supergirl Fully Soldered