Art Market 2022


I will be at Calgary’s premier art and craft sale, Art Market in the Telus Convention Centre, November 17-20, 2022.

This craft sale provides four days of amazing shopping with some of the best art and craft that Canada has to offer.

Two of my most significant bronze castings, never before seen, will be on display. Watch for Yan Wu and Baphomet, two new fantasy works. I will also be showcasing many other new bronze sculptures that are currently works in progress.

Western Chariot

This sculpture will have two horses in full harness pulling a Roman type chariot being driven by an old western prospector.

Canadian Moose

This moose is an iconic sculpt of what is a truly Canadian icon. I may cast two of these animals.

Peter Pan’s Revenge

This is another new rendition of my fairy sculpture guarding a treasure chest protected by one of my fully operational cannons. Did she steal this treasure from Captain Hook?

Lilith with Pumpkin

This is a sculpture of Lilith, a nasty she-demon and reportedly the first wife of Adam. I chose to cast Lilith holding a second head that is sort of scary. I plan to set her near a bronze cast Halloween pumpkin.


I have cast a small scale bronze cello, mostly because I play the cello. It still requires strings.

Spirit Dolphin

I am making two new dolphin sculptures. This one is mounted on spirit quartz. The spirit quartz is a gemstone of harmony, alignment, and nurturing spiritual growth. The dolphin is a spirit animal that represents harmony and balance.

Stilbite Dolphins

This is my second new dolphin sculpture. The yellow stone is stilbite.

Wonder Woman

This is another bronze cast rendition of my modern Wonder Woman sculpture. I typically put a sword in one hand and a cooking pot in the other. The dichotomy of a warrior both fighting and cooking strikes me as fancy.

Lilith with Hawk

This is another cast of Lilith, this time holding a ferruginous hawk on her arm. The wingspan of a real hawk is up to 140 cm, or over 4 feet.


This is Baphomet, a devil type god once worshiped by the Knights Templar. The sculpture is finished and waiting for the final patina and some gold plate on selected areas. It contains over 9 kilograms of bronze.