Stampede 2023 New Work


I am making new Western sculptures for the Calgary Stampede Art Gallery in 2023.

As I had some success showing my sculptures at the Calgary Stampede last year, I am creating new work for this year. My application is due at the end of January, 2023. I intend to submit my Canadian Moose sculpture, my Ferruginous Hawk sculpture, and a few new bronze sculptures currently in progress on my workbench.

Photographs of my completed Moose and Hawk sculptures and photographs of my current work-in-progress are shown below.

Canadian Moose on Marble

Canadian Moose on Agate

Ferrugenious Hawk with Petrified Wood and Tourmaline


“Western Chariot”

“Corvus Paleontology”

Ferruginous Hawk on Mopani Wood from South Africa