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Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road – Metalwork


This post shows the fabrication of the Archimedean spiral that begins the famous Yellow Brick Road in the Wizard of Oz.  I am using 24 gauge copper sheet for the base and 24 gauge yellow brass sheet cut into a spiral for the road.  My design drawing was transferred to the metal with pencil and […]

Pouring Bronze

Eureka Project – Casting


This post describes the bronze casting activities for the Lemmy Miyauchi figure. The next step in the lost wax casting process, after the wax models are created, prepares the model to be encased in investment or silica plaster.  Sprues or wax connectors are attached to the wax model.  The sprues form channels for the molten […]

Wax Model

Eureka Project – Wax Models


This post describes the creation of silicon rubber molds and wax models for bronze casting using the lost wax process. The first step to create a bronze statue of Lemmy Miyauchi is to make silicon rubber molds of all the model parts.  These molds will be injected with wax to create wax copies of the parts.  […]

Lemmy Miyauchi

Eureka Project – Introduction


The name of this bronze casting project is Eureka.  This name is chosen to represent the mathematical concept of discovery as first attributed to Archimedes. This project is a bronze sculpt of Lemmy Miyauchi from the To Heart anime standing beside two old style school desks with her arm raised as if answering a question.  […]