Eureka Project – Introduction


The name of this bronze casting project is Eureka.  This name is chosen to represent the mathematical concept of discovery as first attributed to Archimedes.

This project is a bronze sculpt of Lemmy Miyauchi from the To Heart anime standing beside two old style school desks with her arm raised as if answering a question.  There will be a blackboard that shows a set of equations or a geometry proof of the Pythagorean Theorem etched into the metal.

The figure will be cast with ancient bronze and white bronze.  Colorings will be applied using various patinas and pickles.

Lemmy Miyauchi is a modern 16 year old girl that is half Japanese and half American, from California.  Birthday: December 21. Blood Type: A. Astrological sign: Sagittarius. Height: 174cm. Age: 16. 3 Sizes: 92/59/86.

Miyauchi LemmyMiyauchi Lemmy


The proposed model for this custom work is shown below. The scale of the student desks is a little too large for the figure but this will be adjusted.

Eureka Project ModelEureka Project Model


The mathematical connection to this project relates to our high school math.  One of the first theorems we study is from Pythagoras.  We learn that in a right triangle the sum of the squares of the lengths of the sides equals the square of the length of the hypotenuse.  The Pythagorean Theorem can be proved in many different ways.  One way using similar triangles is shown here.  The blackboard image from this proof is shown below.

Pythagorean TheoremPythagorean Theorem


As Lemmy Miyauchi is a is a loud, boisterous, outgoing girl I plan to contrast her modern girls school uniform with desks from an old style school setting.   The school desk engineering diagram is given below. The desk stands 9.5 cm tall and 6.5 cm wide.

School DeskSchool Desk