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Alice's Adventures

Alice’s Adventures – Complete


Welcome to my bronze casting work for Alice’s Adventures, also known as Alice in Wonderland. I have finished casting and assembling Alice’s Adventures. This version of Alice had a patina applied to better distinguish the figure from the gears. I’ve mounted Alice on an octagonal marble base. The bronze casting weighs 700 grams on the […]

alice's adventures

Alice’s Adventures 3


I put Alice together today. I still need to polish her and do the final finishing work but Alice’s Adventure in bronze is mostly done.  Here are some pictures of today’s activities.  The adventure begins by pinning Alice.  The pin helps when I solder her torso together. In fact, I had to put her together […]

alice's adventure

Alice’s Adventures 2


And now we come to The Casting of Alice.  We mix her up in a little bit of plaster and embed her in steel flasks. I presume this is quite an adventure? Last night I ran my kiln to melt Alice and burn out the wax models. This morning I started my electric furnace to […]

alice's adventures

Alice’s Adventures 1


I am casting another Alice in Wonderland. What more could we wish for if we wanted a fabulous adventure full of words like jabberwocky and boojum and galumph and snark and snithy and vorpul. Completely nonsensical but, perhaps not? I’m starting a bronze cast of Alice mixed up in the middle of some consecutive gears. […]