Alice’s Adventures 3


I put Alice together today. I still need to polish her and do the final finishing work but Alice’s Adventure in bronze is mostly done.  Here are some pictures of today’s activities. 

The adventure begins by pinning Alice.  The pin helps when I solder her torso together. In fact, I had to put her together twice. The first time I didn’t quite get the joint fully filled and when I tried to improve the work she fell apart. Rework is not fun. The second attempt was much better. Unfortunately, soldering and heating the metal oxidizes it and makes it all dirty. A weak acid bath cleans some of the oxides from the metal but often leaves a copper residue.

Alice now gets the gears. You can see that she is getting pinned again. This can’t be fun.

And this is what she looks like when she is all put together.

I’ll post another WIP when she is completely finished. I’m not sure if I am going to color her dress or just patina her with some liver of sulfur. Decisions, decisions …