Onyx and Agate


I have obtained a slab of some amazing honey onyx stone for my bronze casting bases.  I have also obtained a few cuttings of translucent onyx.

Onyx is considered a semi-precious gemstone. It can be carved and polished and used in jewellery.  To have a slab of beautiful honey coloured onyx is very special.

Honey Onyx

Not only that, I have also received some incredibly beautiful quartz agate and some interesting black quartz granite. The quartz agate is also considered a semi-precious gemstone. 

Quartz Agate

Lastly, I purchased a few small pieces at a local rock show last week.  I expect to use these in my work as appropriate.

I think my stonework can add value to my sculptures and I am quite looking forward to working with this material.


Silicon Carbide

Black Quartz Crystal