Stagecoach 5


This is my last Work-in-Progress posting for my stagecoach.

I cast a harness for the horses and have essentially completed the sculpture with the exception of applying a patina and final finishing.

I attached a horizontal bar or “singletree” to the stagecoach so that I could fit the harness traces. The traces are the side straps by which a horse pulls the stagecoach.

This is how the traces will attach. The horizontal bar and centre tongue and the horses are a sub-assembly that will detach from the stagecoach. The stagecoach wheels can be shown to rotate and turn.

The final assembly should be something as follows. The work will be set on a 24 inch by 12 inch ceramic tile. Marble at this size is too heavy.

I have staged the presentation with some Alexandrite on quartz crystals, similar to trees, and a larger quartz crystal piece.