Stagecoach 6


I have finished my bronze stagecoach complete with 4 horses. These are my final pictures.

This work was created for a submission to the Calgary Stampede Art Show and Sale in July 2020. I started making the casting moulds for this work in June, 2019.

The four horses complete with harness contain 2.7 kilograms of cast bronze. The stagecoach has 3.8 kilograms of cast bronze. In total the sculpture has 6.5 kilograms of bronze which is 14 and a half pounds of metal.

The total sculpture with the ceramic base and quartz crystals and petrified wood weighs 12.8 kilograms or slightly more than 28 pounds.

The sculpture is 31.5 cm wide by 61 cm long and 17 cm in height. This is 1 foot by 2 feet by almost 7 inches tall.

The stagecoach wheels turn, the doors open and close, the boxes on the top and the back can open and the ones on the top can be removed. The horses can be detached from the stagecoach and you could conceivably roll the stagecoach down the path.