Stagecoach 4


I have now cast two horses for my stagecoach. These horses are 1:18 scale and weigh over 600 grams bronze each. The horses are a matched pair as they were fabricated from the same mould but I adjusted the pose and sculpted new wax versions to make different variations.

Due to their size these horses had to be cast individually in my large 5×7 inch flask. When I cast the first horse I also cast the stagecoach boxes in yellow brass and when I cast the second horse I cast a 1:9 scale western saddle for another sculpture I have planned.

The stagecoach is now fully assembled. The final picture below shows an approximate view of what the piece will look like when finished. It is set on a 24 inch by 12 inch ceramic tile. I will be mounting this work on marble or other stone when finished.

The next posting will show the work after I have have sculpted the horse harness and cleaned the oxides from the coach.