Apocalyptic Dreams

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This work shows a 1:6 scale bronze cast sculpture of a student from the Clannad anime.   I had the idea to put this figure in a basketball context by making a basketball hoop and net.

This figure is set on quartz.  When cutting the quartz a piece fell and broke.  When I looked at the pieces the idea came to mind to use the broken parts as a column for my basketball hoop.  The thought process was to contrast the apocalyptic destruction of the basketball hoop with a schoolgirl in her gym class dreaming about basketball.

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This work is titled “Apocalyptic Dreams”.

This work shows a 1:6 scale bronze cast sculpture of a student from the Clannad anime.

The basketball hoop is made from 99% percent pure fine silver mesh soldered to a sterling silver ring. The hoop is soldered to a 16 gauge copper back plate which is attached to a 1/4 inch thick solid brass rod.

This figure is custom made from solid bronze components silver soldered together. My castings are all hot cast using a lost wax process. The basketball hoop is custom made from a fine silver mesh that has been aged and destroyed as part of the construction process.

This 1:6 scale figure is cast in a silicon bronze. The body, arms, and head are cast separately and soldered together. Her tee-shirt and shoes are cast from a white bronze alloy that looks like silver. Her hair is cast in a yellow brass.

Her gym clothes are coloured with with cold enamel that is virtually equivalent to hard-fired enamel.

The work is made by hand. The figurine and all accessories are pinned and mounted on a natural quartz base.

Height: 32 cm
Width: 19 cm
Depth: 14 cm
Weight: 3.8 kg

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