Apocalyptic Dreams


I thought to post a near complete picture of my latest project, Apocalyptic Dreams.  This is a  setting for a cast of Fujibayashi Kyou from the Clannad anime, or what I also refer to as my basketball girl.   I had the idea to put this figure in a basketball context by making a basketball hoop and net.

This figure is set on quartz.  When cutting the quartz a piece fell and broke.  When I looked at the pieces the idea came to mind to use the broken pieces as a broken column for my basketball hoop.  The thought process was to contrast the apocalyptic destruction of the basketball hoop with a schoolgirl in her gym class dreaming about basketball.

This figure is 1/6 scale.  It’s cast in Ancient Bronze, White Bronze, and Yellow Brass.  The basketball hoop is made from sterling silver, the netting is fine silver, and the backboard and post are made from copper and brass respectively.

Kyou is 17 years old and a senior in school.


Fujibayashi Kyou


Fujibayashi Kyou