Gal Gadot in Bronze


I’m casting Wonder Woman in bronze.

However, I am going to adapt the sculpture to have a costume similar to that worn by Gal Gadot in her portrayal of Wonder Woman. This costume has a different skirt and belt and will not use the cape.

The work will also be cast in different metals from the original Wonder Woman. The original form will have a yellow brass cape with red enamel, and a yellow brass belt and bustier with red enamel. The Gal Gadot version will not have a cape. It will have a white bronze bustier and belt. Her bustier will be coloured red by raising the copper to the surface of the metal.

The pictures show the costume form that I am using for the Gal Gadot version, and the wax models that I have sculpted for the new costume. My version is not exactly the same, but will be quite similar.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman