Raquel Gothic 1


It’s been a while since I posted any new work. However, I have started a new casting of a gothic steampunk type of fairy that I think will be quite delightful.

I have already cast the wings in yellow brass and I am about to cast the complete fairy in ancient bronze. Her stockings and bonnet and scythe are cast in a white bronze. I plan to use a dark patina on her dress and leave the bows and other embellishments in a natural bronze colour.

But, what is interesting about this casting is that I am going to mount the work on a bronze cast clock face as shown in the picture below. This is larger than my investment casting equipment can handle so I am going to use a sand casting method to create this piece. Much of this WIP will show my sand casting process.

I have cast the wings and legs. These pieces have turned out exceptionally well as shown below. I am casting the dress and body as a complete work tomorrow. I will post a second WIP shortly.