Fantasy Fairy


This Fantasy Fairy is a lovely young fairy that can imaginatively dance on your desktop. In fact this would be the plan if I could figure out how to make my castings come alive.

Regardless, every bronze caster needs a fairy. And so do you.

Her wings can be cast in white bronze or yellow brass. Her dress can be given different colors. She can be mounted on a dark or light color marble base.

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Fantasy Fairy

This is a bronze casting of a fairy.

This figure is cast from a high tin bronze that is alloyed from 90% copper and tin. This Fantasy Fairy is cast in multiple parts. The body is cast as a whole but the wings and the dress are cast separately using a white bronze alloyed from 58.25% copper and various amounts of zinc, iron, manganese, aluminum and tin.

Height: 19.5 cm
Width: 6.5 cm
Depth: 6.5 cm
Weight: 730 grams

Metal type: Ancient Bronze, White Bronze


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