Blue Bikini

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One of the most beautiful things in art is the human figure.

This is a solid bronze statue of a 1:8 scale girl in a bikini. She is Kuze Kiriha from the Fortune Arterial anime. Kiriha is the familiar to a vampire and never ages.

She can be made with different colours for her bikini. Her hair can be cast in a white bronze or a yellow brass. She can be mounted on marble or granite.

The only one in stock right now is the blue one mounted on granite.

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This is a bronze casting of Kuze Kiriha from the Fortune Arterial anime. Kiriha is shown in a bikini.

This figure is cast from a high tin bronze that is alloyed from 90% copper and tin. The body and legs are cast separately and soldered together. Her hair is cast in a yellow brass.

This figure is mounted on a granite base.

Height: 19.5 cm
Width: 13.5 cm
Depth: 9.5 cm
Weight: 880 gm

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