Mandelbrot Cube

This work shows a bronze cast figurine of a student questioning her future path.

The Mandelbrot Cube project seeks to show a student making a decision in a fractal context.  She has the choice to follow a path that studies Mandelbrot Sets, Julia Sets, or Fractal Cubes.

Fractal sets were discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot.  These are beautiful, infinite forms that describe many shapes in nature.

You can use my Fractal Image Explorer program to explore the fractal sets and create your own fractal images.

Fractal Image Explorer

Fractal Image Explorer

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This work is titled “Mandelbrot Cube”.

This work shows a bronze cast figurine of a student questioning her future path. She stands at a crossroad, wondering whether to study Julia Sets, Mandelbrot Sets, or more complex cubic and higher dimension fractal mathematics.

The Mandelbrot Cube is made from 20 gauge brass sheet that was etched with images of Julia Sets. The patterns were created by my fractal program that allows discovery of all sorts of interesting fractal images. Interesting Julia sets such as the Douady rabbit and other standard forms are shown, as is the Mandelbrot set itself.

This figure is custom made from solid bronze and my castings are all hot cast using a lost wax process. This figure is cast in a natural bronze made from copper and tin.

The signpost is made from sheet brass. The road is 16 gauge sheet copper. The foliage is cast from a pine cone.

The work is made by hand. The figurine and all accessories are pinned and mounted on a natural granite base.

Height: 24 cm
Width: 25 cm
Depth: 19 cm
Weight: 4.8 kg