Stilbite Dolphins


This metaphysical sculpture combines the playful harmony and intelligence and spirit of dolphins with the love and healing properties of stilbite, a soft and pearly textured mineral.

This work of art can bring spiritual renewal to your life.

The piece is mounted on dark marble.

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The dolphin is a spirit animal that represents harmony and balance. They are social animals that show love, cooperation, and selflessness.

Stilbite is a pearly soft mineral that has metaphysical properties of love and healing.

I set two finely polished dolphins on stilbite to enhance the harmony of the relationship. This sculpture can bring peace and harmony to your life, particularly if paired with its sister sculpture, Spirit Dolphin.

Height: 11.5 cm
Width: 20.5 cm
Depth: 14.0 cm
Weight: 2.6 kg

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Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 14.0 × 20.5 × 11.5 cm