Velvet with Pyrite


This is Velvet, a saucy pirate wench, sitting on her treasure chest. She is looking down at a large nugget of fool's gold, or iron pyrite.

The treasure chest is lined with velvet and can contain jewels or gems or other valuable items.

This statue contains over 1.2 kg of bronze.

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Velvet with Pyrite

This is a 1:7 scale solid bronze cast statue of a saucy pirate wench sitting on a bronze treasure chest.

Velvet has been cast with an ancient bronze alloy made from copper and tin. Her stockings and three corner pirate hat have been cast in a white bronze alloy. Her boots and the treasure chest were cast in silicon bronze.

Velvet is set into the granite base with a 3/16 inch solid brass pin. She can be lifted off the base and the treasure chest top can be removed. The interior of the chest is lined with black velvet and may contain valuable gems, coins, or other jewels.

The treasure chest contains 500 grams of bronze. Velvet contains 720 grams of bronze.

She has been colored with a heat cured decorative enamel that is virtually equivalent to hard-fired enamel.

The white bronze includes 58% copper, 1% lead and various amounts of manganese, zinc and aluminum. The silicon bronze contains 95% Cu, 4% Si, 1% Mn. The natural bronze is 90% copper with an amount of tin and fits into the CDA#90700 category. The yellow brass has 63% copper, 1% lead, and various amounts of zinc and tin.

Height: 20.5 cm
Width: 19.5 cm
Depth: 15 cm
Weight: 4.0 kg