Supergirl and Streaky


This is Supergirl with her super cat, Streaky. Supergirl is shown in her standard costume with the blue top and red skirt.

This statue contains over 1 kg of bronze.

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This is a 1:7 scale solid bronze cast statue of Supergirl shown with her super cat, Streaky.

Supergirl has been given her standard costume with a blue top and a red skirt. Her cape and boots, however, have been cast in a white bronze which has had copper raised to the surface. The copper provides a natural red metallic color when polished.

Supergirl’s body is cast in a natural bronze alloy made from copper and tin. Her hair has been cast in a yellow brass alloy. She is colored with a heat cured decorative enamel that is virtually equivalent to hard-fired enamel.

Streaky has been cast with a silicon bronze. The cat was given a patina to bring out the casting details. Streaky’s cape was cast in yellow brass.

Supergirl contains over 1 kg of bronze, fully cast and assembled. Her cape alone weighs more than 360 grams. Streaky the cat contains 75 grams of metal.

The white bronze includes 58% copper, 1% lead and various amounts of manganese, zinc and aluminum. The silicon bronze contains 95% Cu, 4% Si, 1% Mn. The natural bronze is 90% copper with an amount of tin and fits into the CDA#90700 category. The yellow brass has 63% copper, 1% lead, and various amounts of zinc and tin.

Height: 23 cm
Width: 20 cm
Depth: 20 cm
Weight: 2.25 kg