Dead Pirate’s Chest


I call this work “Dead Pirate's Chest”. It contains a bronze cast skeleton of a bird, two skulls, and a few bronze cast shells. The central piece is the solid bronze pirate chest.

The complete work is mounted on a custom stone base.

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The pirate bird is cast in silicon bronze that contains 95% Cu, 4% Si, 1% Mn. Individual pieces of the bird such as the head, wings, legs, tail, and chest were silver soldered together. The piece has a patina applied to darken the metal.

The bronze skulls are cast from silicon bronze and yellow brass. The pirate’s hat on one of the skulls was cast in white bronze.

The shells are mostly cast from silicon bronze. One of the larger shells was cast in white bronze.

The pirate chest was cast in silicon bronze. The lid is removable.

The yellow brass includes 63% copper, 1% lead, and various amounts of zinc and tin. The white bronze alloyed from 58.25% copper and various amounts of zinc, iron, manganese, aluminum and tin.

Height: 22 cm
Width: 25 cm
Depth: 19 cm
Weight: 5.4 kilograms