Victorian Maidens


The Victorian Maidens project took cute super-deformed casts of two of the Rozen Maiden dolls and set them on a beautiful piece of black and gold granite. These dolls are displayed with two bronze cast rose buds.

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This work is titled “Victorian Maidens”.

This work shows 1:8 scale bronze cast figurines of the Rozen Maiden dolls Shinku and Souseiseki mounted on a beautiful piece of black granite embedded with gold colored articulated quartz. Two rose buds are shown in the picture but only one bronze cast rose bud adorns the piece.

Each figure is custom made in solid bronze. This figure is cast in a bronze made from copper and tin known as Ancient bronze. Shinku, the doll with the curly pigtails is cast in one pour. Souseiseki’s scissors and top hat can be cast separately in a white bronze that looks like silver.

The rose buds are cast from organic matter. The red bud is cast in white bronze, but has had the copper raised to the surface so that the rose has a red color.

My castings are all hot cast using a lost wax process.

The work is made by hand. The figurine and all accessories are pinned and mounted on a natural granite base.

Height: 18 cm
Width: 23 cm
Depth: 15 cm
Weight: 2.7 kg


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