Stagecoach 2


I have made some progress with my stagecoach. I had previously cast and assembled the frame and had cast the floor pieces in bronze. One of the rear seat extension brackets didn’t fully cast due to a sprue error, so I had to recast this piece in my next casting session.

The next casting was for the sides, doors, and roof of the stagecoach. I have completed this and partially assembled the coach. The following pictures show the work so far.

As you can see in the following picture, I have acquired a horse. This horse is at the same 1:18 scale as the stagecoach. It is articulated so the the legs and head can be positioned as required. I will make two wax models of the horse in different positions for casting after the stagecoach is complete.

The next casting will be for the stagecoach wheels and axle and boxes. It is my plan to cast these in white bronze so as to distinguish them from the stagecoach proper.