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Pirate Wench

Pirate Wench 1


Folks, I am casting a pirate wench. It’s not on my to-do list for 2018, but I had to cast another pirate chest. I have studio time scheduled in November with Shona Rae, the metal smith and jewellery artist who first showed me how to cast metal. I want to learn new things and I […]

Dead Pirate's Chest

Pirates – Complete


I finished my pirate work. This is mostly in preparation for my upcoming show at Calgary Expo 2017. I decided to mount all my pirate bronze on a custom granite base. I decided to call this work “Dead Pirate’s Chest”.

Pirate Bird Skeleton

Bird Skeleton – Complete


I took some pictures of my final pirate bird skeleton to post as a new item for sale on my website. I’ll put it up on Etsy soon. Some of my other pirate things like my pirate chest, hat, and skulls are not yet ready. I think I said that this bird would be most […]

pirate bird

Pirates 2


I’ve finished casting my pirate chests, bird skeleton, and some pirate hats. You’ll have to wait a bit longer for the pirate wench. She’s the one who is supposed to be wearing the hat. I’m quite proud of my pirate chests. They each weigh approximately 500 grams and are very solid. I have some hinges […]


Pirates 1


I am back to making bronze pirate things. I am casting a pirate chest, some shells, and a bird skeleton. I have had some problems creating silicone moulds for the pirate chest, but I think I have finally succeeded (on my 3rd attempt). I thought to show some pictures of what I cast today. You […]