Pirate Wench 1


Folks, I am casting a pirate wench.

It’s not on my to-do list for 2018, but I had to cast another pirate chest. I have studio time scheduled in November with Shona Rae, the metal smith and jewellery artist who first showed me how to cast metal. I want to learn new things and I hope she can show me how to put some gold leaf on a chest.

pirate chest

Bronze Pirate Chest

Wait – you didn’t think that I was going to put gold leaf on this pirate’s chest, did you?

pirate wench

Shining Ark

Rather, if I am casting a new chest, it made sense to cast the pirate wench, too. I have had this task on my back burner ever since I first made the silicone rubber moulds for the treasure chest.

Here are some pictures of the wax models for the treasure chest and the young lady. I have already cast the treasure chest and I am casting the girl tomorrow. The wax model for the girl just fit into my 4×6 inch flask. It is actually too tight, in that I probably only have a quarter inch clearance between the fingertips of the wax model and the sides of the flask, so I hope that the investment doesn’t blow out under vacuum tomorrow.

Treasure Chest

Casting Chest and Boots

Pirate Wench and Hair in Wax

Pirate Wench and Treasure Chest

Pirate Wench and Flask

Fit and Positioning

I will post another update when the pieces are cast and I am assembling the model.