Sailor Moon 2


I have completed making the silicone rubber moulds for Sailor Moon. I have also cast the parts so that I can begin assembly.

Frankly, I was surprised at the amount of silicone rubber that was required. The total weight of the silicone rubber was 2610 grams. Some of the parts like the moon and pigtails are large. In this respect, this bronze work will be significant.

I have decided to cast Sailor Moon’s hair in yellow brass and her torso and arms in white bronze. Her face and body will be cast in silicon bronze. These metals approximate her base colours. I plan to apply some blue and red enamel to colour her uniform.

The final picture shows that I have started to solder and assemble some of the parts. The moon, which was cut in half and cast in two pieces has been reassembled, as have her arms and head.