Mandelbrot Cube

This archive shows how I made and cast my bronze art Mandelbrot Set mathematical fractal sculpture.


Mandelbrot Cube – Etching


This post describes etching the Julia Set images for my Mandelbrot Cube. Each cube face is about two inches square and made from 20 gauge sheet brass.  Etching requires that a mask or resist be put on the metal to stop the etching acids or salts from reacting with the areas that are to be […]

Ryoko Inoue

Mandelbrot Cube – Introduction


The Mandelbrot Cube project is a fascinating exploration of fractal mathematics.  Fractals are functions such that whenever you look deeper into a section of the curve you see repetitions and self-similarities to what you first started with. Fractals are recursive and iterative and chaotic.  And, they are truly beautiful. For the bronze figure in this […]