Gal Gadot 3


I have now cast and assembled my sculpture of Wonder Woman that I had created in wax almost a year ago. I used the original wax model I had made. As this wax model is now ‘lost’, as part of the lost wax casting process, I have no plans to do another. This piece will be an original one-of-a-kind.

For reference, a picture of the wax model is shown below.

Wonder Woman - Gal Gadot in Wax

Now, when I went to cast this, I disassembled the wax piece. I had to recreate certain pieces in wax as the parts broke, such as her hands. When I had finished casting the parts and was assembling the bronze piece I realized that the original sculpt of Wonder Woman was designed such that she was holding her sword in her left hand. The picture of Gal Gadot that I am modelling my original sculpture on shows that she holds her sword in her right hand.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

I must have discovered this when I made my original wax model, but I don’t quite know what I did at the time to put the sword in her right hand. Regardless, because the hands are reversed I now have a mirror image of the photo of Gal Gadot in bronze when compared to the photo that I used as my reference.

Now, my bronze cast version is not exactly like Gal Gadot. Nor was it ever planned to be an exact replica. It was only designed to be similar. When I began to think about how I could reflect the similarity, without being exact, I had the idea to reflect my sculpture in an actual mirror and use the non-exact contrast as part of my art.

I discovered a place called Mirror Engraving in the Netherlands that laser engraves photographs in mirrors. I can put the true image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman engraved in the mirror and have the non-exact version of my sculpture reflected in the mirror. This can be a contrast between what you actually see in the mirror and what you want to see in the mirror. My plan is to mount the sculpture with the mirror similar to the scene below.

The actual mirror should look something like the preview picture below.

The work is not yet finished. I will enamel my bronze version of Gal Gadot in brown, similar to the reference picture that I am using. I will also create a bronze mirror frame that can tilt as necessary for proper positioning.

I will post another update when the work is complete.